Robocopy issues to EMC VNX and Celerra

Robocopy issues to EMC VNX and Celerra (possibly other NAS devices as well)

While using Robocopy

“robocopy %source% %dest% /mir /dcopy:T /copyall /secfix /timfix /r:0 /w:0 /np /FFT /log:”C:\LOGS\All.log” /tee”* to copy to a EMC VNX I would get occasional “ERROR 1307 (0x0000051B) and a few other (0x00000xxx) codes Copying NTFS Security to Destination Directory”  and the normal “are you logged in as an account with permissions” etc did not apply. After digging I found a few issues.

All of the issues are security and permission related, but at three different levels..

First issue Permissions

If there are permissions assigned to an account that is no longer resolvable (you only see a ssid and not a resolved user name) you need  to remove these permissions before copying to the Celerra.

Second issue Ownership

If the owner of theFile/Folder is no longer resolvable you will need to correct this issue before you are able to copy to Celerra.

Third issue Security Group

This issue is harder to see, as I had to bust out powershell command line to see the issue and correct. If you run in powershell against the file/folder “get-acl %fileorfolder% | Format-List”* see example..

Path   : Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\FileSystem::D:\Share\doc1.doc
Owner  : BUILTIN\Administrators
Group  : SERVER_1\None
Access : BUILTIN\Administrators Allow  FullControl
         EXAMPLE\Share-Users Allow  Modify, Synchronize
         NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Allow  FullControl
Audit  :
Sddl   : O:BAG:DUD:AI(A;ID;FA;;;BA)(A;ID;0x1301bf;;;S-1-5-21-1417001000-1284227000-725345000-22260)(A;ID;FA;;;SY)

Now if under Group: you get a SSID or as in this example SERVER_1\None your copy to the Celerra will fail.  Now the way that I fixed this for myself was to find a folder that did not list the ssid or None and did a “get-acl %goodfileorfolder% | set-acl -Path %Badfileorfolder%”* now please be careful with these commands as depending on your file / folder inheritance, and file folder structure you may destroy your permission with one fail swoop, so please move forward if you know what impact you are going to have.

Once that I was able to find, and resolve the issues as stated I was able to copy all of my files up to the VNX NAS datamover without issue.


*Please note that some of the command line references used variables, the variables are noted by the surrounding %% sign, for when you run the command yourself please either declare your variable properly or substitute your own path / file / folder name in its place.  No %% is not a proper variable call in powershell..

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