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Celerra / VNX File / VG Gateway and adjusting the lacp hello timers

**Please be aware that following the steps below will require you to reboot your datamover and will disrupt traffic!! Ok you are minding your own business and the networking guy calls you in the middle of the night during the … Continue reading

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Brocade 8 gb how to talk when idle.. portCfgFillWord

Are you having weird lun loss, lun connectivity issues, is your hba connecting but not logging in to the fabric? Your Brocade FC 8 gb switch may be having issues figuring out what to do when idle.. What am I … Continue reading

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VMware Storage Path settings for vSphere5

A while back I wrote on VMware and ALUA path preferences.. well the info is good, it is just that with vSphere 5 they decided to change the commands around a bit.  Here are the updated commands: Here is the … Continue reading

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VMWare lun size / how many VM’s Per lun / Thin Provisioning Primer

Being a storage admin in the age of VMWare two of the most common questions are: How large should my LUNs be that I present to VMWare? How many VMs should I run per lun? These two questions tie into … Continue reading

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VMAXe and expanding a meta

I ran into an issue the other day while trying to extend a meta of VMAXe, I was trying to do it through the Symmetrix Management Console, I had pre-created the BCV, but I the device was not listed as … Continue reading

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Storage Scripting

I thought I would start a new segment and see how well it does.  The premise will be around scripting (or at least automating) some common storage commands through the CLI of different storage arrays.  Right now the focus will be … Continue reading

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Profile issues with VNX File / Celerra

Have you set your users to use technologies like user profiles / directory synchronization, file replication etc.. and have recently moved to a EMC based NAS and virtually everyone is now taking forever to load / log on / log … Continue reading

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Avamar VM Backup snapshot removal error

Today I worked with Avamar support to work out some snapshot issues with our VM’s being backed up with Avamar Image level backup. We would run reports looking at our outstanding snapshot in VMWare (from VMWare VI Tool Kit Power … Continue reading

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Fear Not

Fear not the power of CLI!!

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Robocopy issues to EMC VNX and Celerra

Robocopy issues to EMC VNX and Celerra (possibly other NAS devices as well) While using Robocopy “robocopy %source% %dest% /mir /dcopy:T /copyall /secfix /timfix /r:0 /w:0 /np /FFT /log:”C:\LOGS\All.log” /tee”* to copy to a EMC VNX I would get occasional “ERROR 1307 (0x0000051B) and a few other (0x00000xxx) codes Copying NTFS … Continue reading

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