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VMware Storage Path settings for vSphere5

A while back I wrote on VMware and ALUA path preferences.. well the info is good, it is just that with vSphere 5 they decided to change the commands around a bit.  Here are the updated commands: Here is the … Continue reading

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VMWare lun size / how many VM’s Per lun / Thin Provisioning Primer

Being a storage admin in the age of VMWare two of the most common questions are: How large should my LUNs be that I present to VMWare? How many VMs should I run per lun? These two questions tie into … Continue reading

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Avamar VM Backup snapshot removal error

Today I worked with Avamar support to work out some snapshot issues with our VM’s being backed up with Avamar Image level backup. We would run reports looking at our outstanding snapshot in VMWare (from VMWare VI Tool Kit Power … Continue reading

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VMWare ALUA path preference

Updating some path types the other day in VMware for a ALUA compliant storage array, came across Duncan wrote the post very well so as I was running some of the commands I noticed that one of them appeared to be EMC … Continue reading

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Identify storage performance issues with esxtop

Taken from Start esxtop by typing ‘esxtop’ at the command line Press ‘d’ to switch to disk view (HBA mode. Press s, then 2 to alter the update time to every 2 seconds and press Enter. Now I have used … Continue reading

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Disk Alignment

One step to remember when doing your P2V process, if able, be sure to run your favorite disk alignment software. While 2008 servers (and hopefully newer) do not suffer from the alignment issue of a blindly formatted disk 2003 does, and … Continue reading

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