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Thoughts on Raid 6

The other day I was building a new lun and had the option of raid 5 or raid 6… Hmm.. 6 must be better because it is newer? Not so much.. Is it better? Depends on your criteria of better? More … Continue reading

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Max Lun Size

So the other day I was given the task of presenting 32tb contiguous (or as much as possible). No problem I thought, I had a EMC Clariion and a few HP EVA’s at my disposal.  All had updated firmware so … Continue reading

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Disk Alignment

One step to remember when doing your P2V process, if able, be sure to run your favorite disk alignment software. While 2008 servers (and hopefully newer) do not suffer from the alignment issue of a blindly formatted disk 2003 does, and … Continue reading

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