Max Lun Size

So the other day I was given the task of presenting 32tb contiguous (or as much as possible). No problem I thought, I had a EMC Clariion and a few HP EVA’s at my disposal.  All had updated firmware so shouldn’t be a issue any more right?  Long story short it was a problem.  The two EVA 8400’s would not have been a issue if they had free space.  All other EVA’s were 8100’s and they have a max limit of 2 tb.  So I moved to the EMC Clariion array, it has a 14tb limit.  So here is a little table I came up with:

EMC Clariion and VNX – 14 tb and 16 tb

EMC VMAX – ~59 tb (255 devices at 240 gb)

HP EVA 8100 – 2 tb

HP EVA 8400 – 32 tb (and now with latest firmware release xcs 10 supports snapshots, growing and shrinking luns and CA features)

Netapp – 16 tb

Hitachi 2k product line – 60 tb

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2 Responses to Max Lun Size

  1. Mahesh says:

    Are you sure Netapp is 16 TB? I am looking to buy Netapp FAS3270 & someone said the max LUN size is 1064GB i.e 1TB

    • Yes, In “Data ONTAP® 8.0 7-Mode Storage Management Guide” on pages 345-346 (Storage Limits) under Files(as to the Netapp LUNS are just specific file types) for both 32bit and 64bit flex vols the maximum File size is 16 TB, and since on a Netapp a LUN is just a specific file type you are limited only by the max file size(coming from the array) you are still limited on the max size the OS you are presenting to can handle. Depending on the Filer version and OS will affect the Max Aggregate size which in older versions is 16 tb but has since been surpassed if you are running the 64 bit aggregate (which for the 3270 is currently listed as 70tb).

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