VNX and Brocade Loop Port

I have been working with two new EMC VNX’s and ran into a odd problem and could not find anything about the issue, so I am going to post what I know and see if anyone has any more in-depth knowledge to share about the problem.

After wiring up the fiber ports of the VNX to the Brocade switches I notice that not all of the ports “Logged in” looking a bit farther I noticed that some of the ports were labled as Loop ports.. well that was odd, as the VNX should show as a (F) port and not a Loop (L) port.  I dug around EMC’s power link, Brocades forums and could not find anyone else mentioning this problem.. Long story short I ended up setting the prefrences on the individual ports on the switch and forced their speed, and port type to (F) port only.  After doing that and the typical warning from Brocade that changing the settings will disrupt traffic (how can you disrupt no traffic??) anyway after forcing the port settings on the switch all worked as expected.

Just in case you are thinking it is a model issue I experienced the same issues with:

EMC VNX 7500 connecting to two Brocade DCX’s 8gb cards and

EMC VNX 57oo connecting to two Brocade SilkWorm 4100’s

If you experience similar issues please post and and maybe get a answer to this issue.

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8 Responses to VNX and Brocade Loop Port

  1. Vahric Muhtaryan says:

    I have a same issue with Brocade 300 but not on Brocade 5100 on FOS 6.4.1a

  2. S.O. says:

    The same issue we expierienced today – storage arrays logs in to the switches with L_Port.

    The storage array: EMC VNX5300 for Block, firmware level 5.31.xxxx.509 + we have 20-port 8G Brocade switche in the IBM BaldeCenter H, FOS version 7.0.1.
    Fixing the F_Port on the switches did not help in our case.

    We plan to:
    – upgrade VNX OS to the latest one (5.31.xxxx.704 was the latest version at time of writing of this post) and if that is not helplful:
    – downgrade Fabric OS from 7.0.1 to 6.4.x


  3. iron4o says:

    I have the same VNX 5300, with latest firmware 5.31.xxxx.709 and 2 brocade 4/24 8GB Brocade(HP c Class) switches, with FOS 6.4.2a-the same issue.
    If i reboot one SP or attach cable again – storage arrays logs in to the switches with L_Port.

    Now i plan to upgrade FOS to 7.0.1.
    May be this will help, may be not….

  4. I can confirm that I have just experienced the same issue with Brocade 300 (v 6.1.0c) switches and a new Unified VNX 5300 ( Forcing the ports to be F-ports through port administration appears to have resolved the issue.

  5. Dan Schroyer says:

    I have had this on Switches and DCX directors. We had to change the fill word on the switch and or DCX to 3. portCfgFillWord 1/0 3

  6. Michael Steier says:

    I have the same issue with Brocade 5100 and EMC VNX 5300

  7. Dillon says:

    I have the same issue with VNX5700 and brocade 5100

  8. Radek says:

    I’ve had same issue with VNX5200 and 8Gb FC SAN SW:
    CLARiiON / VNX 8Gb/s port does not synchronize to Brocade switch port when ARB(FF) fill word is used

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